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The highest quality of the product is one of the main activities of the company. Antonio Ferran’s brand is well known on the international market. Many famous make-up artists work with us. Our company takes care about our customers and do everything possible to make the artist's working tool perfect.

FerranCare PRO System is a program for professionals, whose lives are linked with the makeup. You can become a member of the program if you are a professional makeup artist, or a student of the makeup school or you are a fan of our brand.

FerranCare PRO System is the first world's warranty program for makeup brushes. It is also a system of discounts, bonuses, promotions and the possibility to have access to use training materials developed by our specialists.

We present a professional program for makeup artists


The possibility to exchange any 7 brushes of our brand for absolutely new ones, on the total amount up to $ 85 without any reasons and explanation (you can exchange the brush on exactly the same, what returns the program member).

The possibility to exchange the subsequent products of our brand with a discount up to 40% in the case of production damage of the brush or of its wear.


Discount on all Antonio Ferran’s products at purchase for any amount.

8% for make-up artists of basic course

10% for professional makeup artists

15% for makeup artists reading training courses.

The opportunity to meet and buy new products 2 weeks before the official start of purchasing.

Cashback up to 15% for purchases by posting photo and video reviews in Instagram or YouTube

Discount on master classes and events organized by our brand or official representatives.

The access to training and informational materials of Antonio Ferran’s training center.

It is valid in any official representative of

Antonio Ferran’s brand.


- Registration on the official website or official representation of the brand

 - Fee of $ 25 to activate the guarantee program (the validity of the warranty program is 5 years from the date of its acquisition)

 -  The Copy of passport/ external passport / driver's license, the certificate or diploma of makeup artist.


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