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Antonio Ferran Makeup Brushes & Accessories is one of the youngest luxury brands in the world.

Its founder is Antonio Ferran - top manager, make-up artist, fashion expert, model, choreographer, actor. His work experience and knowledge in various fields of his activity made it possible to develop professional high-quality makeup brushes, which instantly became a sensation in the make-up and cosmetic accessories industry. He is the youngest makeup artist in the world to create his own worldwide line of makeup brushes.

Antonio Ferran brushes are professional makeup brushes made from natural goat hair (2nd and 3rd grade), pony hair, and also from taklon hair. Brushes are collected manually and meet all world quality standards. The design was developed in cooperation with specialists from Hong Kong, China and Moldova. Quality tests were conducted by well-known make-up artists from Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. Using innovative technologies and developments by specialists from different countries allowed to create truly one of the most high-quality products for make-up.

Brushes by Antonio Ferran - is an indispensable attribute of the work of each make-up artist. We create our products so that they become a part of your family and can realize all your dreams in the world of make-up.

Welcome to the Antonio Ferran family - on the road to excellence.

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